Relationship? Fuck buddy? Meaningless? What’s Next?

What’s next depends entirely on what YOU want out of life, but I do know that I’ve seen a pattern appear in the lives of the 140+ men I’ve coached up until now.
It’s not really a pattern, but more somewhat of a cycle of phases they go through when learning how to meet & date women.

1) At first, when you’re starting out, youu grab anything you can with a sort of every man for himself mindset. I call this PHASE 1 THINKING.
Is that a bad thing? No, because you have to start somewhere buddy. If you have insecurities and lack confidence, it may be a good idea to start trying to attract and be more confident with a girl that isn’t your perfect 10… because perfect 10s put you to the test.
It’s a test that you aren’t ready for yet, and if you fail it you end up becoming even more insecure. So it’s probably best to start out with less… but DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS. They’re two different things you know.

2) After you get yourself some conversational skills, some social skills, and a bunch of phone numbers you grow a little more confident and have a little more faith in your abilities.
As such, you become more picky about what “your type” of woman is. Whatever you were doing that gave you success (playful teasing for example) now becomes your way to live if you will. You blindly focus on repeating that one thing that worked to get as much success as you can with as much women as you can. You simply skip the women that aren’t attractive to you.


3) After living out your playboy fantasy for a while, when you’re at a point where you can get a new girl to come home with you almost with your eyes closed, some playboys become bored with that.
They want a challenge but getting just any woman isn’t challenging anymore. Mind you, most men get stuck in PHASE 2 THINKING but some… like 10-20% of them want more. They want a challenge, forcing them to look for exotics. Exotics are exceptions to the rule that make things more interesting: having a threesome, a devil’s threeway (two men 1 girl but no gay sex… iell), sex toys, stealing someone’s girlfriend, etc. These exotics make things more challenging, and I call this PHASE 3 THINKING.

4) Believe it or not, but to some even THAT becomes boring.
Instead of going long (with many women), these fellas want to go deep: go as far as possible with one woman or with a couple of women. They realize that keeping a woman attracted for years is more difficult than
keeping her attracted long enough for them to sleep with her… and they accept the challenge.

This is PHASE 4 THINKING: ending up in a mutually exclusive relationship with your new found skills. I have learned more from this phase and being in a mutually exclusive relationship with my new found “attraction skills” than any other phase and I can honestly say that those lessons have taught me more about women & dating than anything else because it is 10x harder to keep attraction going for years than for hours or days.

This means having so much experience and knowledge of women & dating that once you’re done with your serious relationship you repeat the entire process but with a twist. All your knowledge and skills mean you do everything twice as quick and twice as fast… while seeking twice the challenge.

This is the area of having multiple relationships with women at the same time, creating love triangles where you sleep with 2 women separately OR have a threesome with them, etc.
So like I said before: what’s next depends entirely on what you want out of life… do you want to come full circle or live the playboy lifestyle? The choice is yours.

Whatever you choose, what I ́ve just shown you inside this Simple Inner Game System Ebook is a way to approach women, what to say to them, how to create attraction, how to get their phone number, how to go on a date with them, how to get physical with them, how to have sex on the first date… and my thoughts on keeping women around.
What more could you ask for!?


Going On A Date With Her

Asking her out isn ́t that hard to do when you ́ve created enough attraction and you need to get it out of your head that 1 no means no for
life anyways, because with women?
No usually means not yet, which means you need to slow things down, create more attraction, and try again in 10 minutes… always escalate is the best advice I can give you.

That means you should also get as much out of a situation as you can get, because “yes” means go on, no answer means she doesn ́t have a problem with it and “no” means not yet.
But I ́m getting ahead of myself here…

Because how do you get a woman to go on a date with you? I ́m not saying “how do you ask her out” on purpose, because you DON ́T ask for her permission. Be dominant and say: “let ́s go to blah blah, I know this great place where they…”

Take her out, don ́t ask her out.
What naturals, men who are naturally good with women, always do is try and get the most out of every single situation.
They live in the moment and where most men ask for a number so they can take a woman out on a date maybe some time next week, a natural asks “what are you doing right now?”
It ́s the first thing I learned from naturals and it works really well…
Because if she has nothing better to do, then why not take her out on an “instant date” with you?

She has nothing better to do and has the chance to enjoy more of your company, while it saves you a whole lot of time you would have otherwise wasted on getting her number, calling her, telling her you want to take her out, etc. plus, it shows a whole lot of confidence.

Not feeling brave enough for that instant date?
Then if you got anything less than her phone number, like her MSN or whatever, then push your luck and ask her number… live the moment my friend, and get as much out of each situation as you possibly can.

But where should you take her out?
Location, location, location… it ́s all that matters.
Make sure you always have a back up location in case the one you
intended to go to isn ́t open yet, the owner is taking a vacation, and so forth.
Trust me… it will make sure your date won ́t get shut down because that shitty coffee place or whatever caught you off-guard.

Think about the logistics too: take her to some place that ́s not far from where you live so coming inside with you won ́t mean an hour long drive.

Next to this, taking her to some place YOU know means she ́ll be at your mercy… which automatically makes you the dominant one (which creates attraction), plus you ́ll feel more confident and more in control of things because you ́ve been there before.
Be the novelty seeker and go and do something active with her, like roller skating, basketball, or any other sport or thing that will get her dirty.

Because you can race her there, make a bet out of it where the winner gets a kiss, it ́ll be new and a whole lot of fun for her… an escape from the daily routines, and remember why that ́s attractive to her?
But there’s another HUGE advantage of being a “master of logistics.”

Sex on the first date

Sex On The First Date: Is It Possible?

It ́s also smart thinking to get her dirty: she ́ll feel all sweaty and what not and will probably want to change, so why not offer her to change at your place?
You have fresh towels there, you promise you won ́t look, etc. and guess what: you got her to come inside with you so all you have to do now is kiss her and let the magic happen…
Women have hang ups about sleeping with a guy on the first date though, not because they don ́t want to but because it ́s socially not accepted.

They ́ll be seen as SLUTS for doing that, for basically having the same sexual freedom as we do, and they don ́t want to lose their reputation or their self-respect. To some women, even kissing on the first date isn ́t socially accepted.
The solution: most people go to one place during one date. Think about it:
guy takes girl to nice restaurant or to the movies, and that ́s it. So make a journey of your day.

First grab a cup of coffee somewhere, then get her dirty somewhere else and in her mind, you two will already be on date 2 which makes her drop her objections altogether… especially if you use the time given to you to create attraction.
After your “mini-dates” it ́ll be easy to get her to come inside with you, but don ́t jump on her right away (unless she makes the first move off course)… and you completely catch her off-guard because she ́ll expect it.
Make her feel comfortable and safe inside your place, talk some more, kiss her, and then take her to the bed…

Say you ́re not too creative as to come up with an “active” date to get her dirty, then a much simpler way to get her to come inside with you is to recognize her objections against coming inside and using them against her:
“Promise me something: that you WON ́T be a rapist and be all over me as soon as I close the door behind me when I ask you to come inside with me. I won ́t regret asking you to come inside, will I?”

Another way to lower the boundary to coming inside with you: make her get used to your place is telling her you forgot your wallet at the start of
the date, letting her come inside with you and wait in your room as you grab your wallet… it will mean that the place looks familiar when she comes inside at the end of the date.

So there you are, she has come inside, you talked for a little while longer and you ́re ready to kiss her… but how do you know if SHE ́S ready too?
Getting Physical With Her…
How do you get physical once you get a woman to come inside with you? Use what’s called the “Triangle.”

It ́s done like this: look from her left eye, to her right eye, then look down to her lips, only to start with her left eye again. If you look at each for 1 to 2 seconds, the sexual tension will go through the roof. The best time to use this is when she ́s talking.

If she stops talking when you do the triangle, then you know she ́s feeling the tension and ready for action… and all you have to do now is kiss her already!
TIME OUT… and rewind a little…
Remember when I talked about going on an “active” date with a woman? There’s another reason for that: it allows you to get up close and personal:

– You can strike a deal about the pay off the winner of the competition gets. Example: if you score a point with basketbal you get 1 kiss, if she scores… she does. It gets her used to things becoming more, and more physical during the date…

- If you think she’s cheating (and you always think that because…) you can accuse her of it, and give her a slap on that booty (her ass dude) as a punishment, or you can tickle her, and more… all to get more physical with her. Be creative!
Playful teasing has something to do with getting physical as well: women will give you a little slap, touch your hands, or push you a way a little when they think you’re mean… make it all part of the program and sex is only a matter of time.

This isn’t a porn bible so I won’t even go there you pervert, but if you want to know more about sex techniques then I have two words for you: Kama… Sutra. The Kama Sutra is a legendary book with an amazing amount of sexual positions.
Okay, now that you slept with her… what’s next?

How to get her phone number

How To Get Her Phone Number

When it comes to contact information, women have what I call a Stalker Objection.
See, most men when they get a woman ́s number and send her a text message or call her without getting a reply, they ́ll text her again or call again… thinking she ́s playing hard to get. Then they get fed up with it and send her an angry text or call her 5 times on 1 day.

By now you know that the more you chase a woman, the more she runs away from you… so she ́ll experience this type of behavior as STALKING.
And newsflash: women have a life, she could be busy. So wait at least a couple of days before trying again and please.. don ́t do voicemails. The fact that she has a missed call from you is more than enough, leaving a voicemail too is DESPERATE.
As a test, ask a woman if she has ever been stalked… almost all of ́em will say yes, which makes them hesitate to give YOU their number because maybe YOU ́RE a stalker too!
The easiest way of overcoming this objection, is accusing women of being a stalker. By accusing something of being A, you yourself come across like you ́re definitely NOT A. Makes sense doesn ́t it?

So here ́s how I ask a woman for her number:
“You know what? I have to go now, give me your number so we can continue this conversation another time. You have to promise me something though… NO stalking! I don ́t want 10.000 text messages on one day okay?”
Telling her to give you her number is being dominant, and accusing her of being the stalking takes care of her objections with ease.
Don ́t underestimate the Stalker Objection: since me discovering it and using it to my advantage, I only had 1 woman refuse to give me her number, and that was because her boyfriend was walking up to us as we were talking!

the 7 rules of the dating game

The 7 Rules Of The Dating Game

What Your Parents Never Told You About How To Be Successful With Women…
The 7 Untold Rules Of The Dating Game That Will Easily Allow You To WIN The “Game” On All

Rule #1: “You ́ve only lost when you admit defeat…”
Rule #2: “All for one…”
Rule #3: “And one for all!”
Rule #4: “Motivation is the key…”
Rule #5: “Catch… no matter what they throw at you” Rule #6: “YOU make all the rules…”
Rule #7: “Normal communication is almost the EXACT opposite of sexual communication…”


The Bad Ass Introduction
Things are about to get really good really fast today, because in a minute I’ll be sharing ALL of the strategies and tactics I’ve used over the years to learn how to meet and date women.

In short, you’re about to discover the rules of the dating game that have given me MASSIVE and CONSISTENT success with women for over 5 years in a row… and no, my rules are NOTHING like what you would see in any random Hollywood rom-com.
They’re based on my knowledge and experience of meeting and dating women and not only did I prove that they worked: 303 students of mine have proven these rules really work to get you more results with women on a daily basis.

I’ve given the rules names that will speak to your imagination, hell, I have no doubt that you heard some of these terms in a different context.
I did this on purpose, so the rules will STICK with you, so you’ll never forget them and can really benefit from living by them.

So, if you want to discover the true rules of the dating game? Keep on reading…
Before I go on to reveal to you some of my biggest secrets, I want to
know what you thought of your first bonus about approaching women.
It will easily allow you to be the only guy in your social circle that knows how to approach ANY woman, ANYWHERE… and walk away with her phone number too.
You have read the Approaching Women Made Easy Ebook, right? If not, then I highly recommend you start reading right now.

It’s time for you to get the success with women you deserve, to be able to start a conversation with women no matter what. That’s exactly what I made your first bonus for.
Having said that, it’s time to dig in and reveal the rules of the dating game…
Fasten your seatbelts, because you’re about to go on a rollercoaster ride of dating insights!

I don’t want to scare you here, but if you thought the Simple Inner Game System ebook was kinda radical and far from the usual Hollywood-like dating advice?
Then you haven’t seen nothing yet, because I’m about to open up the books on my most effective, personal secrets of attraction.
So, if you’re not ready… you better be ready as soon as you start reading Rule #1.


Rule #1: You’ve Only Lost When You Admit Defeat

This may come as a SHOCK to you, but most men DON’T give up when they make a mistake here and there during their first driving lesson, or the second, or the third… but when it comes to dating?
Most men DO give up after one little mistake!
Have you ever approached a woman, but failed because she ignored you or said “No”, then you accepted it, and walked away?
Because that’s what the vast majority of men out there do.
I mean sure, it can be a blow to your ego and you can beat yourself up up about not getting a woman’s number…

But it’s still NOT looking at things from a female perspective. You NEED to understand female psychology if you ever want to be successful at meeting and dating women because here’s the juicy secret:

While you’re busy with healing from that blow to your ego, a woman only said “No” because she wants to know if you’re interest in her is GENUINE.
She wants to know that you like her for who she IS… not for how she looks.
Women can think for themselves and they KNOW there are plenty of men out there who try “random pick ups”. They don’t want men who randomly approach women and try to attract them to have sex… no, they want men who are interested in them and not sex alone.
So, now you have your first reason for not giving up when a woman initially blows you off by ignoring you or saying “No.”
There’s a second reason though: genetics.

Biologically speaking, men can create offspring almost every single day because they keep producing millions of sperm cells on a daily basis.
Women on the other hand, can only produce one egg per month and if it’s impregnated they need to wait AT LEAST 9-10 months. Until the baby’s born and a woman has recovered from giving birth, she can’t repeat the process.
The result: women, by nature, have to be MUCH more selective about who they mate with because the consequences are much larger for them. And guess what we get when we translate this to the dating game?

Women need to TEST men to separate those with great genes and high chances of survival from those with so-so genes and mediocre chances of survival.
I’ve talked about this numerous times throughout the Simple Inner Game
System ebook so I’ll skip the rest of the story, because all you need to remember is this…

Winners are persisters, losers are quitters… because how can you beat someone who never quits?
The above has been my motto and in my opinion the main reason for my outrageous success with women. Put it into practice by…

1) Staying and trying a different approach when you approach a woman and she says “No” or ignores you. Usually with women a “No” is a soft no, so it’s not a “never” like with men but a “not yet”. Same goes for getting physical with women… in fact, it applies to everything:
– If a woman doesn’t want to give you her contact information yet, boost the attraction for 10 minutes and then try again
– If a woman doesn’t want or can’t go on a date yet, boost the attraction a couple days, leave her alone for a day, and try again
– If a woman doesn’t want to kiss yet, boost the attraction for 10 minutes and then try again
– if a woman doesn’t want to sleep with you yet, boost the attraction for
10 minutes and then try again

2) Focusing on learning instead of getting contact information. Obviously, don’t be a stalker and walk away after you get a woman’s number, but when you haven’t got it yet? The longer you talk to her, the longer you’re improving your social skills and conversational skills. The better and easier you can talk, the easier it is to create attraction.
So, when just beginning, the more you talk the better!
In short, you’ve only been rejected by a woman and only failed with a woman when you ACCEPT your defeat.

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t want you to stalk one woman an entire day or night, there are much more fish in the sea.
What I want you to do is DON’T admit your defeat so easily and only move on to the next woman when you know you’ve done everything in your power and that’s in the ebooks you’ve received so far. If a woman still says “No” after that?
Then it’s time to hook and reel in another fish.

Rule #2: All For One…

Who doesn’t know the motto of the Three Musketeers: “all for one, one for all”? But what most people don’t know is that it can actually be applied to the dating game… and with great success.

First up: all for one.
I’ve got a question to ask you: when you want to meet and date women, who do you approach? Do you approach attractive women that you’re interested in… or do you approach all women?

99% of the men out there will immediately answer “I approach the attractive women I’m interested in! Because why approach an ugly troll I don’t want to be with?”
And it’s why most men won’t ever get the results with women they want, or need several years to pull it off. You can ask Mystery about results.

I’m willing to bet that both options are NOT what you want, am I right?
Here’s the story: if you only approach and try to attract the beautiful women you’re interested in, you’re DOING something. You’re ACTING like a confident, attractive man around them… but you’re not BEING a confident, attractive man.
You see, if you WERE a confident and attractive man you would behave the same around all women… and all men.

You would charm your way into the heart of an elderly lady the same way as you would charm your way into the heart of a woman your age, you would charm your way into a friendship with the cool cats in town, the popular dudes the same way as you would charm your boss.
I can almost hear you think: “but why be confident and create attraction with people I don’t want to sleep with, especially other men?!”
Don’t worry, this is NOT the part where I’m going to tell you that you should go bisexual or go gay. That’s not my thing and it never will be.
Here’s why I recommend that you practice on everyone at all times:

1) You never know who and what someone knows. That elderly lady may have a crazy beautiful grand daughter, that popular dude might just get you invited to a lot of private parties and birthdays that lots of women will attend, hell, your boss may give you a raise in salary or have insane conversational skills that you can learn from. Need I say more?

2) The quickest path to learning a new skill is by total immersion: practicing it round the clock, 24/7 no matter where you are or with who you are. That’s EXACTLY what you’ll be doing by attracting people no matter where you are or who you are: you’ll be practicing all day, every day. It can mean the difference between needing 2 years and 2 months to
learn this stuff. I’m not kidding.

3) Different goals for different people. So what if ANY woman doesn’t have a sexual interest in you for whatever reason? You can befriend her instead so she can introduce you to her female friends that may be interested. So what if you make a guy like you by playfully teasing them and using the other techniques? He can get you invited to places, introduce you to women, and if he’s successful? You’ll automatically become more successful over time the more you hang out with him, because the behavior of your friends influences YOUR behavior.

So, instead of letting beautiful women that are your type be your “all”, you should really let all be your all!

Playfully tease your family and friends, be picky with your female friends, be dominant with your colleagues, and so on. The more you immerse yourself in practicing the skills you need to meet and date women, the faster you’ll learn and the better you’ll learn.
Plus, if you want to experiment and try something new? Then what’s better then testing it on as many as people as possible to find out if it works or not as fast as possible?
I call this all for one principle “Total Game.”

Rule #3: And One For All!

Let’s continue and complete the Musketeers motto with the final part: one for all.
I’ve been around in the dating game. I know my stuff… and of the main reasons for me learning how to consistently meet and date large numbers of women as fast as I did is that I befriended lots of “naturals”. Naturals – Not creepy PUA dudes like this. I hung out with them all the time… and I still do.

Naturals are men and women who are really good at seducing someone of the opposite sex and taught themselves how to do that practically from birth. Take Patrick for example: he’s a close friend of mine from Portugal and the guy is THE master of meeting women in groups in my book. He manages to get entire groups home with him the same day he meets them, he regularly has threesomes and foursomes… who wouldn’t want to live a life like that?
I’ve seen what other naturals like Patrick do, why, how, and how they live first hand, time after time. One of the biggest secrets that they’ll never tell you is the difference between how THEY see a date and how the average Joe sees a date.

Your average, regular guy asks a woman out on a date and takes her out in his free time. Better yet, he often clears his schedule just so he can go out on a date with her. If he can choose between a date and doing his regular gym workout for example, he’ll probably skip the gym altogether.

Does this sound familiar to you? Because I know it sounded familiar to me 5 years ago!
But naturals? Naturals don’t re-schedule a thing whenever they go on a date, in fact, they allow a woman to be a part of their exciting lifestyle just for a little while. They invite her to be a part of their lives instead of putting their lives in the corner until the date’s over or so to speak.

I know how some of this may sound vague to you, which is exactly why I think it’s time to get really practical, really fast. So, here are some tips to point you in the right direction:

– Say you’ve been thinking about getting yourself some new clothes. Shoes, belts, jeans, whatever. Whenever you need to buy something, you simply invite a woman along for the ride and buy all that stuff DURING the date. Ask for her advice on what to buy, playfully tease her with being a bad advisor. Then let her enter some stores and ask what she would buy, then be picky about her bad taste and so on…

– Say you want to hang out and have fun with some friends. As in a party before going out, a movie night, whatever. Whenever you’re planning on hanging out with friends or going out you should invite her along for the ride, introduce her to them, and let her see that you’re a social and cool dude.

- Say you’re in for some fun and want to go see a movie, go bowling, go to the beach, whatever. Again, invite her along for the ride.
I think you get the idea by now, but why invite a woman along for the ride? Here are the amazing benefits of doing that:

1) If a woman doesn’t show up at all or cancels on you, you’re still going shopping, going to hang out with your friends or going to have some fun because you were planning on doing that anyways. The result: the psychological impact of her “rejecting” you because she bails on you is small when you compare it to those guys who cancel everything for a woman to go on a date for her… and then she doesn’t show up.

2) After reading the Simple Inner Game System ebook and the first bonus you should know by now that women crave to escape from their boring daily routines and mind numbing every day lives filled with obligations. By inviting them along for the ride, you’re showing her a fun and cool lifestyle instead of a nervous guy who doesn’t know what to say during coffee.

3) Where do most men take women for a date? They take her to a restaurant, to the movies, or to a diner to grab a cup of coffee. I’m not
saying those are bad places, but they’re definitely not original. If the first date is going shopping with you, then bowling and then ove to yoru friends place before you all go out together? Now that’s different from the norm. Women like different.

4) Whenever you invite her to join you and your friends, there’s another advantage at play. You see, she’ll see you have fun with them, making jokes, teasing them, acting really social and women love that. Women love a sense of humor, playful teasing, and social guys.

And there are several other benefits as well, but I think I drove my point home here so let’s move on.

Basically you’ll never ask women out anymore because you’re inviting them to join you. If they can’t come, you’re going anyways and it’s their problem. It gives us an entirely different perspective on rejection and women flaking on us, wouldn’t you agree?


This Little Thing Called The Abundance Mindset

The majority of the guys out there have a scarcity mindset: they meet a woman, take her out on a date, and almost automatically think (or really hope) that she’s “the one.” When they screw up their chances with her, they’ll feel upset, frustrated, and even more alone because they screwed up with “the woman of their dreams.”

Naturals have a mindset of abundance. They know that if a woman doesn’t show up or if the date goes sour, that there’ll be plenty of other fish in the sea. And it’s true, because think about it: roughly half the world’s population is female and when only 10% of that is your age (300 million) and a mere 10% of THAT is your type… how many women are there for you to date?

6 billion x 50% x 10% x 10% = 30 million…

Do you know what that means? It means that even if you would go on a date with a different woman every day of the year for the rest of your life, you would still have dated only a small portion of that!

Thinking along those lines, I highly recommend that you go all-in.
You see, if you want to get more results with women and dating, if you want to achieve dating success and get this part of your life handled then you have to remember something…

It’s not about the conversation.
It’s not about getting the phone number. It’s not about “getting the girl”.
It’s about LEARNING.

I mentioned total immersion before and if you want to get more dates a.s.a.p. then it’s important that you learn as much as you can as often as you can.
I can just hear you think: “Yeah you said that before already…” But do you understand the opportunities total immersion and the abundance mindset COMBINED give you?

Here are some to expand your mind a little bit:

– Say you live in city A and invited a woman along for the ride in city B, that means you’ll be traveling. Everybody travels. So, no matter if you go there on foot, by car, by train or by plane? You’ll encounter women along the way. Meet them. On foot, by train and by plane are pretty easy, buy you may be wondering: how do you meet women from a car? Simple: traffic jams, gas stations…

– Say you don’t encounter ANY woman while traveling or you’re waiting somewhere with nothing to do and no one in sight, then you’ve always got your phone. Call or text the women you’ve met so far, or someone else. Just practice what you’ve learned on anyone at any time! And hey… if your date shows up and your still on the phone? It’s not rude, it’s showing her you’re not desperate and actually have a life besides her.

– At a boring family occasion? You know, grandpa’s birthday, a wedding, at some uncle’s place while you don’t even know the guy that well but your dad insisted. Under these “have to go but don’t want to” circumstances, grab that phone again.

There’s always someone to practice character traits, social skills and conversational skills on no matter where you go and at any time so start practicing already.

Rule #4: Motivation Is The Key

Just like some of the other rules, this one doesn’t only apply to dating alone. You can use the following for any area of life…

One of the tricky parts of success is that success breeds success.
In other words: if you get some results with something you’re working on it validates the time, energy (and quite often money as well) that you put into it. The results motivate you to continue to invest your time, energy, and money into it.

Now, this is GREAT news for people who are already having a little bit of success because it encourages them to put in even more work so they can become even more successful.
But it SUCKS for people that haven’t seen ANY results whatsoever yet, because why continue to do something by any means necessary when you don’t get any validation for all your hard work? Why do something when it doesn’t seem to be worth it?

This is the main reason for why only 10% of the beginners in any area of life achieve success, because they give up before they get results and thus before they ever get the validation for their hard work.

And learning how to meet and date women is an area of life that’s filled with emotions… frustration, desperation, loneliness, anger, sadness…
So, staying motivated until you truly get what you want out of women and dating is even more difficult, wouldn’t you agree?

But like I said before: winners are persisters, losers are quitters… and quite often people give up when success is just around the corner…

Having said that, I’d like to go through some “motivational theory” with you to ensure you’ll stay motivated, stay on top of your game, and that you’ll keep learning. Remember, meeting and dating women is just a skill you need to learn.

Let’s look at two ways to stay motivated, no matter what area of life you’re trying to improve.


The Scorebord

This may sound silly, but it worked so I really don’t care: I used to give myself points for every interaction I had with women.
I did that for the simple reason that it would would stimulate me going for total immersion, to try and practice 24/7 every single day.
Plus, it would challenge me to learn something new and to reach outside of my comfort zone as much as possible, hell, I gave myself extra points for achieving something new. Here are some of the numbers that I used:

  • 5 points: a text message, mail, or MSN Messenger conversation 10 points: phone conversation
  • 20 points: face to face conversation
  • 25 points: getting a new phone number
  • 50 extra points: NOT going for a number and trying to go on an “instant date” then and there

And so on… and there are many benefits next to the two I already mentioned.
Motivational research has shown that if you set goals that are slightly to a lot more than what you think you can achieve, it challenges you to live up to those goals, it makes you try twice as hard than normal. So, just like I did you should determine 1-3 months in advance the number of points you want to end up with.

The first time I ever tried this I said to myself: I’m going for a thousand points. I thought that there would be no way in hell that I would get to that number, but I tried and tried… and tried. After 3 months? I had 2000 points, twice as much!
By setting a challenging goal, the goal in and of itself becomes your motivation.
If you’re reading this and have a set of brains on you, you may be a little skeptical about using this… but let me tell you right now: after only a year?
I got near 100.000 points in 3 months, while the maximum number of points I ever gave myself for 1 interaction with a woman was 500 (sleeping with her and doing various things while sleeping with her, lol!).

As you can see: it motivated insanely well, and I had TONS of interactions with women on a daily basis because of it. So did many of students and many of them still use their own scorebords!

The Journal

I can just hear you think: “a journal? What’s that supposed to mean… that I should start a diary? Isn’t that for chicks?”
No it’s not.

Many of the most successful business people in the world keep a journal that they regularly write in, because it allows them to go through their journal logs and see which situations, locations and so on motivated them most… and then re-create those.
Whenever they feel down and out it allows them to see where they were in the past and what they’ve achieved so far. They’ll see they’ve come a long way. How’s that for motivation?
It allows them to write down new ideas that pop up no matter where they are.
Have you ever noticed how ideas pop up at the strangest times? In the morning under the shower, when you wake up in the middle of the night, all of a sudden while driving your car.

A journal is the place to write those ideas down, to ensure all those ideas are kept in one place and to act on them as soon as you can.


Rule #5: Catch… No Matter What They Throw At You

Women will test you to see if you’re genuinely interested, to separate the good from the bad and the ugly. We covered these kinds of situations already.
Women will only take the next step with you if they feel comfortable and safe around you and when they think you’re trustworthy. Covered that

By saying certain things you can pass all these tests, but, there are certain sometimes when women will throw stuff at you and you’d better catch and play ball.
Since it’s my goal to turn you into a REAL man, a confident men who can get the results with women and dating he wants no matter what?
I want to cover those situations, because otherwise you may not realize what’s going on. Otherwise, you may subconsciously screw up your chances because you didn’t catch what a woman threw at you. Here are some situations:

    She Only Wants To Meet You If Her Friend Can Come Too

This is when she likes you enough to meet you, but she’s still unsure about you and how genuine your interest is. She’s afraid that you’ll try to sleep with her on the first date, probably because she has some bad experiences with men who tried to do that in the past.

It can also be insecurity on her part, but whatever’s the case you can bet
your ass that she’ll ask her friend what she thinks of you. So, do yourself a favor and tease her friend, be picky about what she does, socialize with her and not only will she promote you, but the woman you’re going for will get jealous too…
Most men will say “No” to a woman’s question about if she can bring a friend or not because they think it will ruin the whole date, but you should see now why refusing her request is stupid.

Hell, I’ve even met a woman from the eastern parts of Europe once who insisted that I’d meet her mother during the date. I went and did it and the day after that she didn’t go home when she came by for a drink.

    One Moment She ́s Hot, The Next She ́s Cold

Remember the push-pull technique from the Simple Inner Game System ebook? Remember how I asked you to be close at one time and distant at other times?

Well, guess what?
Women, especially the attractive ones that know a thing or two about the dating game, are the MASTERS of push-pull. They pretty much invented it and are naturals at being cold today and being hot tomorrow.
In fact, I dare to say that about half the techniques I’ve shared with you in all the ebooks so far are used by women as well.
That’s important because a lot of my students asked me sooner or later what a woman meant when they couldn’t understand her, but 9 out of 10 times she was using on them what they had been using on her!
This only goes to show that the techniques I’ve revealed to you up until now are powerful, because they work… even when used on YOU.

    She Wants To Meet You, But In A “Neutral” City

Same thing as when a woman wants to take a friend with her on your date: she doesn’t feel comfortable around you yet. So, the moment you say “No” you’ll fail the test just like you fail when you refuse her request to take one of her friends with her.
But I thought this was worth mentioning, because anytime you meet and date foreign women it can also be a matter of culture.
Take Muslim women, Hindu women, and Eastern European women for example. Because of their religion or cultural background, they can’t date
a guy that’s not from the same religion or country. That’s either because they need to get married first (culture) or need to have the father’s approval first (culture).
You’ll look like an idiot when you don’t realize this and turn a woman’s request into a problem, but you’ll immediately show a genuine interest when you let her understand that you get it.
In fact, foreign women are my favorite, and whenever I know the culture or religion is strict? The first thing I do is get this issue out of the way, because it’s a big one in their opinion.


Rule #6: YOU Make All The Rules…

A lot of guys who have seen me in action or have heard me speak have come up to me to ask:
“Dennis, how can you successfully meet women in clubs AND online AND at work AND during the day?”

Off course it’s because I know the principles of attraction that I’ve shared with you in the Simple Inner Game System ebook and which work everywhere.
But there’s something else I do… and maybe it’s even MORE important: I accept no limitations, confine myself to no rules, obey no one else’s command.
In fact, if you pay close attention you’ll see that people place limitations on you because they make assumptions.

He’s real short, so he can’t get a date with a (tall) woman…
He’s overweight, what supermodel would like him?
He doesn’t have any diploma whatsoever, he won’t ever be successful.
And for most people, they’ll start to believe it themselves because they hear another person’s assumptions often enough to be brainwashed by them.

Now for a moment of truth:
My eyes are really bad, in fact, I have to wear glasses after wearing my contacts for 8 hours straight.
My hairline’s fleeing from my head and I’m not that old.
I got incredibly high grades through high school, so I was the nerd who could never get laid.

That’s what other people said several years ago… and look at me now!
I make all the rules no matter where I go and trust me: it’s a distinct advantage.
But listen, I want you to REALLY grasp this concept, to get to know it by heart… to be able to eat, sleep, speak, dream, and shit it…

Because there are lots and lots of desperate losers out there who SCREW UP their own chances with women because they did something they were “supposed to do.”
I think it’s easiest to explain with examples followed by statements of what a man who makes all the rules would do.

Some of them are for the guys that are still in college, some of them are for dudes who are in their thirties. Either way, you use the same mindset.
And hey… if you recognize yourself in any of these situations? Don’t beat yourself up about it, because I’m willing to bet that 9 out of 10 men recognize themselves at least once.

That only goes to show how wide-spread this “do what you’re supposed to disease” is.
Let’s get ready to rumble…

1) You’re there with your buddies and having a great time. You’re having success with the women, but then one of your buddies (who was wasted as hell) throws up all over the place and wants to go home. All of a sudden, they all want to go home… but it’s only 3 A.M. What to do?

Solution: stay.

Your buddy got wasted while he shouldn’t have, why let his foolish
behavior ruin an otherwise perfect night to practice creating attraction? You’re “supposed” to take the guy home because you’re his friend, but one friend is more than enough to take care of him and yet they all want to.
So stay and let them act like his mommy. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to stay, ask yourself: “do you REALLY want success with women, or kinda, sort of want a little results here and there?” Don’t make excuses for yourself.

2) You’re supposed to be at work at 9 o’ clock and you’re almost late. Then, out of nowhere, you see one of the most beautiful and interesting women you’ve seen in a while. You know you’ll probably never see her again, but you’re boss will be mad at you when you’re late. What to do?

Solution: be late.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not: most people rot away behind the desks of their meaningless paperwork jobs, content with how things are now because they know getting something better will require a lot of effort.
They feel like little slaves because they’re not happy with it, they don’t
feel they make a difference… so be late already.

There are tons and tons of tons of other jobs in very similar positions out there, even when you’re the vice president of a company. There will be others.
Sure, there will be other women too, but ask yourself: how many times did I come across a beautiful woman who was almost eye raping me, but I kept on walking because I needed to be somewhere?

Most men will give an answer they don’t like to give, because it’s far too many times… so be late.
Your boss is not the master of your life, you are. Your job or job title doesn’t define you, you do.

3) Your mother, society, and movies have told you that you, being the man, should call a woman the first time, that YOU should ask for a woman’s number, that YOU’RE “supposed” to ask her out on a date, that sex on a first date is taboo…
Solution: society’s views are not YOUR rules.
In random order:

– I got a woman to call me for the very first time to give me a kiss over the phone, because it was the only way for her to hear the rest of one of my stories

– I met a woman who was eyeballing me, walked up to her and said she couldn’t look at me like that without saying something, then told her that if she likes me she should ask for a number. She asked for my number.

– Back when me and my beautiful girlfriend first met, I was still pretty much a rookie with women, and at first tried to “force” the date: I asked and asked her out. Then, I just quit and whenever she would test me I wouldn’t ask a damn thing… she started chasing me, asked me out, and gave me lots of gifts because I allowed her to take me out.
Read those three little paragraphs above here again and tell me what do you see… would you say that I came of weird doing what I did, or that women actually LOVED my level of confidence and dominance?
That’s why I’ve been telling you: you make the rules! Don’t ever, ever, EVER limit yourself because you’re “supposed” to do something, because you should “do the right thing.”

You know what you should do?
Do the thing that’s best FOR YOU. Look at for number one for a change and for what you need right now, not what your friends, boss, or anyone else needs.
It doesn’t hurt to be concerned about you and you alone every now and then.

4) You’re walking somewhere, minding your own business until, out of nowhere, this insanely hot woman comes out of this clothing store. Just when you found the courage to approach her though, it appears she’s not alone: her mother (or aunt or any other older female relative) is right behind her! What to do?

Solution: approach the both of them, or do a “rebound”.

Either you grow the balls to approach the woman and her mother and charm your way into mommy’s heart so you can take the daughter out some time.
Not that difficult: tell her that you can see where her daughter got her looks from, that you thought they were sisters, and so on…
Or, instead, you can pass up on the opportunity and wait for a “rebound”: a second chance. What does the fact that she went shopping there with her mom tell you?
That she probably lives not far from there or regularly goes there with her mom. And that means you’ll probably see her again if you go there again.
By approaching her when she’s with her mother though, you show her that you have enough of an interest to risk it because 99% of the men out there will leave her alone.
Next to that, facing her mother the very time you meet her?

Normally the “meet the parents” phase happens after several months of dating, so it can only show one thing: a high level of confidence.
Women want that super confident men with a genuine interest, so go right ahead and do it. You make all the rules, remember?

Rule #7: “Normal” Communication… Is Almost The EXACT Opposite Of Sexual Communication

Whenever I talk with women, I see other men looking at me with these big question marks in their eyes…
It’s almost like I can read their minds: “what’s this guy doing? What’s he saying? It doesn’t make sense at all!”
Then they’ll whisper, laugh quietly and think I’m going to fail and fail hard with whomever I’m approaching… sometimes they’ll even openly mock me.
Why wouldn’t they?
They see a guy approaching a woman and talking about stuff with her that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with sex, macho behavior or cheezy pick up lines… so they’ll laugh…
Until they see me walking away with her on my arm or her number in my pocket. Jaws drop to the floor, eyes open wide, and sounds of amazement follow.
They don’t understand… and the majority of the population doesn’t either…
That “normal” communication is almost the EXACT opposite of sexual communication.
So, allow me to go through the opposites here one by one so you’ll see what I mean and why sexual communication is so different.

Normal: during “normal” communication it’s rude to bust someone’s balls, mock them, rephrase whatever they’re saying and use it “against” them, to call them out when they contradict themselves, and so on…
Sexual: during sexual communication, busting women’s balls, mocking them, rephrasing their words and throwing it right back at them, calling them out on stuff and so on… all falls under playful teasing. As you know by now: playful teasing is attractive because you show you’re not impressed by how a woman looks AT ALL.

Normal: during “normal” communication it’s considered impolite when you’re critical of whatever someone’s saying, doing or NOT saying and doing… and even offensive when you constantly remind someone that they’re doing something you don’t approve of.
Sexual: during sexual communication, saying no, accepting no second class behavior, and expecting the best from a woman at all times is VERY attractive. It’s called being picky. In fact, more “No’s” alone = more attraction.

Normal: during “normal” communication it’s unacceptable to touch people all the time and better to stay at a respectable distance of whomever it is that you’re talking to. What’s more, grabbing someone’s hand and taking them somewhere can lead to fist fights because it’s considered as highly aggressive behavior.
Sexual: during sexual communication, the more you manage to touch a woman the more she’ll get used to you touching her if you take two steps forward and one step back. What’s more, leading a woman by the hand is considered dominant. Dominance is one of the most attractive character traits.

Normal: during “normal” communication, you don’t just go off and talk to a stranger about their deepest secrets, ask them their life’s story and so on… most people just don’t do that and mind their own business.
Sexual: during sexual communication though, the quicker and deeper you establish a connection, a bond with a woman? The better. In fact, women LOVE talking so much that they’ll feel attracted to a guy when they can talk to him about stuff they can’t talk about with anyone else. True story… it’s how I’ve met and dated many women.
Can you think of other examples where “normal” communication is VERY different from sexual communication? Name at least 3 other situations.


Final Words

Throughout this ebook, I’ve shown you some of the most powerful rules that have helped me to achieve MASSIVE and CONSISTENT success with women.
The Rules Of The Dating Game Ebook is everything your parents SHOULD have told you about how to be successful with large numbers of women
on a regular basis.

But you can ́t blame ́em for not knowing, because after all, THEIR parents didn ́t teach them the truth either!

Luckily, with these rules? You now know the truth and or on your way to getting the resuls with women you want time after time, after time… after time!
The scorebord from Rule #4 alone motivated me so much that I literally had nights where I hardly slept and days where I skipped meals… just so I could stay outside longer to try something new, get more points, and thus achieve my quarterly goal.
So, imagine what you could achieve when you would use ALL seven rules…
Remember though, I’m strongly against you making my rules your end all, be all… because like I said: YOU make all the rules!

Use the rules that I used to survive and thrive in the dating game as training wheels, to get you where you want to go.

Then make your own rules, because I don’t want you to be another Dennis. I want you to truly be successful with women by being yourself, by being you 2.0… in other words, that you reach your full potential in dating.
These rules of the dating game will help you create your own style of meeting and dating women, and of success too.

The moment you start applying them to all areas of life, you’ll find that most of them really work… in ALL areas of life.
I’ve gotten them to work for my education, at work, with women, for my social circle and yes… even for my hobbies: traveling, learning new languages and eating lots of Pringles.